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COMRADE is a online public platform to sell the new developed web application selling platform to grow earnings and with your purchase and refer.

  • Best online application for production.
  • Online business solutions.
  • Open to sell buy platform.

Its is a biggest on web application selling platform for the business and small home business tech support selling platform to increase your business production with easy to use business solutions.


Refer Business Commission

In COMRADE Business when you buy our applications and after that you can sell our product too and get refer commission as per application value by referring any application from our dash.

  • Direct Refer Commission 75%
  • Placement Refer Commission 15%
  • Super Refer Commission 10%

Refer business commission is a program where anyone can purchase any application and can share it to any other required person with your refer code to get a business refer commission.

Business passive commission

COMRADE offer you the option to get more business value commission from the other purchasers when they upgrade there application dash then you will also get the business point in passive way.

  • 40% of every application upgrade amount
  • Every passive commission raised from any application upgrade.
  • Every buyer of application can refer the new buyer.

Its a huge profitable program for every user and business to get more earning from the using of COMRADE business applications.

Business active commission

In this active commission program everyone can refer the new users from there own dash and get the more business value from the new purchase users also when they upgrade there software then also you will get the business value.

  • 20% of every application upgrade amount.
  • Business point of every application users.
  • This business point came from the refer users under your refer code.

Business active commission is a good profit earning program for every normal and business users who are use the integrated active commission to earn more from there purchased application amount.

Business upgrade commission

Business upgrade commission is a business package system where the refer business users will upgrade the system application and produced the commission for the sponsor of upgrade user.

  • 30% of every business upgrade
  • Unlimited time of upgrade income from refer users.
  • Only from the direct sponsored users.

This program is a individual profit system where your connect user of business application upgrade there application and from that upgrade amount you will get your profit business.


Download the mobile application of COMRADE business to use our business workspace.


Support & Services

24*7 Support

We provide online support on any time 24*7 with experienced support team.

Fastest Payment

Every income withdrawal will approve within 2 hours process time.

Rare Downtime

Best business platform services with minimum server maintenance downtime.

Max Profit

100% exact processing and calculation algorithm for max profit return.

Dual Server

For the redundancy purpose of non-stop service, we also have 2 server on global level.

Reward & Perks

Appreciation program for the hard working team and members of business workspace.


Our best applications

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  • Products
  • ECO Connect



eco connect

ECO Connect



















ECO Connect



ECO Connect



ECO Connect



ECO Connect



ECO Connect



ECO Connect



ECO Connect



ECO Connect

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CN News

ECO Connect

From our end users


We have used (PHP, Node JS, JS, HTML, Solidity, ASPX) for better data and backend structure handling to preserve the old working function of MLM networking and tree structures formation.



For the best of our end we take daily backup of our server on full mode with Database and server data to ensure the 100% recovery without any loss if any incident happens.



We are working with (Google, Firebase, Firestore, Python anywhere, D-code, Google console, Tron Scan, Adsterra) services for better service execution and non-stop functions.

Support Development


Support & Development services are provided by the (Data Nation Technologies) for COMRADE site and software development. All the application and suits are designed by Data Nation development team D-Code.

WEB Services


Package Pricing

Our Business Bundles


Frequently Asked Questions

  • COMRADE Business is an online platform offering services for both individual and business users. Our registration and activation processes are swift and secure, granting access to a diverse range of applications through the COMRADE dashboard. Users can buy and sell business applications, utilizing our marketplace to enhance productivity and achieve goals. We offer both open-access and paid services, ensuring flexibility and value for users. In summary, COMRADE Business is a dynamic hub for digital commerce, empowering users to thrive in the evolving landscape of online business.

  • At COMRADE Business, we prioritize freedom and flexibility for our users. You have the liberty to join or resign from our platform at any time, without the need for prior notice, as per our terms and conditions. We uphold a non-coercive approach, meaning there's no pressure to join, invest, or engage in buy/sell activities under our services. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and we respect your autonomy in making decisions that best suit your needs and interests.

  • Any individual user or business entity is welcome to join our open services at COMRADE Business. We offer package registrations that encompass both free and paid services, catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Our platform is designed to accommodate users of all backgrounds and requirements, providing access to essential tools and premium features alike. Whether you're seeking complimentary services or are interested in unlocking additional functionalities through paid options, COMRADE Business offers a comprehensive array of solutions to suit your specific needs. Join us today and explore the possibilities of our open services, where you can access a wealth of resources tailored to enhance your user experience and facilitate your business endeavors.

  • At COMRADE, we utilize the TRON blockchain, including TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens, as a medium of payment within our platform. All transactions are conducted at an equivalent value of 7 INR (Indian Rupees) per unit, in accordance with COMRADE terms. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, each transaction includes a transaction remark, providing a clear proof of the transaction for reference and verification purposes. This ensures that all parties involved have visibility into the transaction process and can track the movement of funds within the COMRADE ecosystem. By leveraging the TRON blockchain and adhering to established transaction standards, COMRADE facilitates seamless and secure payment transactions, fostering trust and reliability among our users and partners.

  • CDC stands for COMRADE Digital Currency, an exclusive asset within the COMRADE ecosystem designed for internal transactions. It operates within a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, supported by a private blockchain server managed by COMRADE Business. Developed by the esteemed Data Nation team, CDC integrates seamlessly with the CPay optional gateway, ensuring swift and secure transactions within our platform.

  • The COMRADE CDC coin currently holds a value of 7 INR and is listed on Cpay, available for exchange with TRON cryptocurrency and INR within the COMRADE ecosystem. Its accessibility is limited to the COMRADE ecosystem. The Mainnet launch is scheduled soon on the public blockchain, with a projected price of 70 INR by the year 2025.

  • ECO Connect represents a suite of business applications developed by Data Nation Technologies (, a tech firm specializing in startup business development. Through ECO Connect, any business can seamlessly integrate its functionalities by requesting assistance from Data Nation. It's important to note that "Data Nation" (accessible via operates independently from COMRADE; they serve as the development organization responsible for crafting innovative software solutions.

  • BETA refers to a pre-release version of software distributed to a large group of users for testing purposes under real conditions.


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